What is a 'player image', and how do I change mine?

With PartyPoker, you have the ability to change your table image to one of our library images – or upload your own image from your computer. Images can be changed via the ‘Options’.

What type of image is acceptable?

Most images are acceptable, but we do have some restrictions. Please check our terms and conditions for more details before you upload your image.

The bet slider has a number of tabs such as ‘1/2’ and ‘All-in’. What are these?

The new table has an improved bet slider with tabs to assist you in easily choosing your bet size in relation to the pot value.

How can I easily rebuy into a table?

You can now rebuy more easily than ever by using our table-embedded rebuy feature.

How can I quickly deposit funds into my account?

We've got a new ‘Quick deposit’ feature embedded into the table to make this really easy for you.

Where can I change the table options?

There are numerous options available for the PartyPoker table, allowing you to customise your gaming experience. Simply go to the ‘Options’ section in the poker lobby and choose the ‘Table options’ page.

How can I see my previous hand history on the new table?

You can view your hand history by clicking on the replayer icon at the top right corner of the table

How can I see the play statistics on the new table?

You can access the statistics by using the menu in the title bar.

How can I choose my position on the table I wish to play at?

There are numerous options available on the new table. This allows you to customise your game play experience. You can do this by going to the ‘Options’ section in the poker Lobby and choosing the ‘Seating’ page. Once seated at a table, you can also right click on a desired seat position and the game play will be rotated to move you to that position.

What is the 'Open table' button at the top of the table screen?

The ‘Open table’ button provides you with an easy way to open other tables directly from your current table without having to go back to the lobby. Clicking on 'Open table' gives you the option to open a new table whether similar to the current table or from your favourites.

How do I tile multiple open tables?

In the Table options menu, click on Tile tables. Read more at the 

What is the new table design ?

We have recently redesigned all aspects of the PartyPoker table to make your playing experience more enjoyable: The table has been redesigned to a racetrack shape to allow for a smoother transition from offline to online play The player area has been improved to make it easier to see who you are playing and where the action is at the table New cards have been designed to allow easier reading, helping reduce eye strain while playing for extended periods of time Achievement notifications and friend statuses now appear over the chat area during a hand. The lower left corner of the table also gives you instant access to your friends list and game notifications