What features are available on the PartyPoker Android app?

Our app features the following:

  • Texas Hold’em cash games
  • Even faster gameplay with fastforward
  • Quick Seat Lobby
  • Real-money and play-money tables
  • Multi-language options
  • Play on 3G/4G networks on the move
  • Smartphone and tablet support

  • How do I start playing at PartyPoker on my Android device?

  • Go to on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • You will arrive at the mobile page where you can download the mobile app
  • Log in with your PartyPoker username and password
  • To access a table, choose between ‘Real money’, ‘fastforward’ or ‘Play Money’
  • The Quick Seat Lobby lets you quickly choose what game type you want, the number of players and the stakes. Make your selection, click ‘Play now’ and you’ll automatically be seated at a matching table
  • When joining a game, you’ll be asked to bring money to the table from the cashier. Choose your amount and press ‘Buy chips’. You are now seated and will be dealt in the next hand.

  • Will the mobile poker app be updated even though it’s not in the Google Play store?

    Yes, the Party Poker app checks for updates at every startup and will notify you when one is available. Non-market downloads must be enabled for the update to download.

    Can I make a withdrawal or deposit funds in the mobile app?

    Yes, the cashier is available directly via our mobile poker app.

    Can I play fastforward for play money?

    No, fastforward is available in real money only.

    Can I create a PartyPoker account in the app?

    You can register for a play-money account in the app directly. If you want to play for real money, you need to fully register and deposit using the desktop client.

    What happens if I get disconnected while playing?

    Your hand will be folded. When you reconnect the Party Poker app will ask you whether you want to be seated back at the same table

    Are there any extra costs for playing poker on my mobile?

    We do not charge you for playing poker on your mobile. Your network operator may charge you for using data. The cost of data can vary – contact your wireless operator for details. An hour of gameplay consumes around 1 MB of data.

    Should I play through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G?

    When possible, play through Wi-Fi for a faster connection.

    Can I view my hand history in the Party Poker app?

    You can see a summary of recent hands played at your table by pressing ‘Menu’ then ‘Info’ while at the table.