Aside from the following special betting rules, the common betting rules apply. The special rules will take precedence over the common rules nevertheless.

1.) Results: Bets will be settled on the podium position result, regardless of any subsequent disqualifications. If there is no podium ceremony, we will settle bets on the result immediately declared by the official governing body, irrespective of any subsequent enquiry.

2.) Participation: Bets are accepted 'All In, Compete or Not' and if a swimmer is withdrawn before they have taken part in the event (in any way), your bet will lose. If the event is advertised as 'Non runner no bet', stakes will be refunded on any swimmer withdrawn prior to the start of an event.

3.) Medal Tally: The total medal tally will be determined by the officially published results.

4.) Postponed Event: For any cancelled or postponed event, any bets struck prior to the scheduled start time will be void. All bets stand on any event that is delayed prior to the scheduled start time and takes place on the same day (local time). The only exceptions are events that take place within a fixed date tournament framework eg Olympics, World Championships etc.