Reality TV Shows

This section explains the main rules and conditions for bets placed on TV shows including, but not limited to: Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing On Ice, X-Factor, Big Brother, Britain's Got Talent and I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Bets will be settled on the official results declared by the television broadcaster.

Evictees, Eliminations, Disqualifications and Walk-outs will be considered losing selections in the Outright betting markets.

If a reality TV betting event is cancelled or withdrawn, without results being declared, then outstanding bets on any market, without an official result, will be considered void.

If an act/group changes their name, bets stand.

Unless an "Any Other" (contestant) selection is offered as an option, all reality TV events will be offered on the basis of "others on request". We will try to add new contestants to the market as soon as possible after they are known.


We reserve the right to void all bets placed on an Eviction Market should the eviction method, or initial line up for eviction be changed. Others may be added to the market at any time.

Bets on Next Eviction/Elimination stand regardless of how the public have voted (e.g. whether the public were voting to save the contestant, or for them to be evicted/eliminated).

If two or more contestants are evicted/eliminated in a specific eviction/elimination market, and the order of the eviction/elimination is clear, bets will be settled accordingly. Bets on the next elimination will be settled according to the first person announced as having been eliminated from the show. This rule will apply even where results are announced in no particular order (e.g. a double eviction).

Bets on Next Eviction/Elimination markets will be settled on the first named contestant to be evicted/eliminated in a specified week/show, regardless of how many occur that week/show. Where one or more listed participants do not take part then a Rule 4 deduction may apply.

Other Markets

Match Betting - The contestant progressing furthest in the competition is deemed the winner. In the event that two or more contestants are evicted/eliminated in the same week/show, the first named contestant will be deemed the loser.

Bottom 3/Bottom 2 - The specified number of contestants must be named in a given week/show for bets to stand. Contestants named in the bottom 3 or 2 (depending on the market offered) for a specific week/show are deemed winners. In the event of the bottom 3 or 2 not being clear, bets will be void.

First Act Announced Safe - Bets are settled on the first contestant announced as safe in a specified week/show. If it is unclear which act is declared safe first, bets will be void. Bets on contestants not performing will be void, and any contestant not performing will not be considered in the market.

Top 3 Finish (Outright) - Settlement is based on results of the whole series/competition. Contestants placed in the top three of the competition are deemed winners. If the top three results are unclear, dead heat rules may apply.

Specific Programme Rules

Big Brother

Bets will be settled on the official results.Evictees, and those leaving the house of their own accord, will be settled as losing selections in the Outright market. Should any such contestant be re-admitted at a later date, they will be considered an original contestant, and existing bets on them in the Outright market will stand.

If a contestant leaves by means other than an eviction prior to a declaration of those up for eviction, they will be considered a non-runner in that week's Eviction market and a Rule 4 may apply. Additional contestants may be added to the market at any time.

Fake evictions will not be considered as winners, the housemate must leave the house on a permanent basis. If two or more housemates are evicted and the order of eviction is clear then this will be used for settlement purposes. If the order is unclear then dead-heat rules apply.

Should the relevant broadcaster not confirm which housemates are nominated or are up for eviction, a market may still be formed. Bets on this market will stand 'all-in'. Additional housemates may be added to the market at any time.

X Factor

Where a contestant enters the competition as a solo artist, and that artist subsequently joins a group, bets on the original solo artist will be settled as losing selections. Where a group of contestants entered into the competition entirely disband and form individual solo acts or other named groups, bets on the original group will be settled as losing selections. If a group changes its members, or alters the number of members, bets stand on the original named group.

Deadlock - The market is determined as 'Yes There Will be Deadlock' between judges/'No There Will Not be Deadlock' between judges in a specified week/show.

Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing on Ice

If a celebrity is unable to perform on a particular week, or unable to continue with the competition due to injury, bets on that celebrity will stand.

Bets are placed on the celebrity regardless of whether their professional dance partner changes.

Gender of Winner - Settlement is based on the celebrities' gender.

Eurovision Song Contest

Bets on countries that subsequently withdraw from the competition will be deemed as losing selections.

  • Bets on Eurovision markets cannot be combined into multiples, except between the two semi-finals, or otherwise specified.
  • Match bets or group bets will be settled only according to the total points achieved by the listed competing nations, and dead heat rules may apply. If any listed country does not take part, bets on that match will be void.
  • For clarification, if you place a bet before the semi-finals for a country to win the competition outright and they fail to qualify from the semi finals then the bet will lose.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

No stakes will be returned for reasons of ineligibility, failure to be nominated or any other reason. Other contenders can be added on request.