The shuffle

Whether it's for a tournament, a cash game or a play money table, before each hand is dealt the PartyPoker Pseudo Random Number Generator (RNG) shuffles the 52-card deck into a unique ordering.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the PartyPoker RNG produces as close to a random and fair result as possible.

To determine how many unique decks or orderings are possible when shuffling a 52-card deck, mathematically you would use the following formula:

52 = 52*51*50*49


(approximately 80,658,175 followed by 60 zeros)

Before each hand the PartyPoker RNG shuffles the deck into one of these many orderings. The resultant deck is as close to random, if not more so, than a physical deck produced by either a manual or machine shuffle.

The security of this deck is assured, as the information is transmitted to each player’s computer via 128-bit encryption and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Once the hand is complete, the deck is discarded and a new one generated for the next hand..

As always, if you have any questions about our shuffle, site security or anything else, please contact our free, 24/7 Customer Care Team.