Does PartyPoker charge inactivity fees? (UK)

It's free to signup with PartyPoker. We do not make any charges or apply any fees for opening an account.

However, if you do not place any cash wagers or bets using your account for a period of 13 consecutive months, it will be classified as ‘inactive’. You will be notified via email when your account becomes inactive. Once an account is inactive, we shall make an attempt to cash out any balance in your account to your last known payment method.

You may also cash out your balance at any time by logging in and making a withdrawal. If your payment method has expired or your balance is below the minimum withdrawable amount, you will have to make a deposit with a new payment method and then withdraw that deposit and any additional balance to the new payment method.

Please note we may be required to reverify your personal details before you are able to deposit or withdraw, this will be notified to you upon account login and instructions will be provided.

Where we are unable to successfully cash out for whatever reason and after advance notification to your registered email address we shall, after 30 days of being inactive, start charging a monthly administration fee of £3.00 from your PartyPoker account balance. This fee shall continue to be charged until your PartyPoker account is reactivated by you logging on and depositing or placing a cash wager or bet; or until your PartyPoker account balance reaches zero.

You can request the reimbursement of any inactive account fees by contacting Customer Services.

Please note: No funds will be taken from your bank account.