Status of my bonuses and promotions

You can check your bonuses and promotions clicking "Offers" and selecting a specific product.

Your promotion will show as:

  • New: an offer that has recently launched. What are you waiting for? Check it out!
  • Active: offers that have been sent out to you as special gifts, please enjoy it!
  • Expired: these promotions are not available anymore.
  • It might not show any status at all but don’t worry! Just check the end date and if it’s not expired, you can take part.

Your bonuses can show as:

  • New: bonuses that can be activated after depositing.
  • Active: you’re currently playing with it. Remember that you can have only one active bonus for the same product. You can delete it by clicking “More Info / Drop bonus”.
  • Waiting: when you have two similar bonuses for the same product and games, the one you’re not currently wagering will be paused. If you want to activate it, you can click to “More Info / Unpause bonus” and the currently active bonus will be paused.
  • Expired: this will show if you haven’t completed the wagering requirement before the end date or if you haven’t activated it in time.
  • Deleted: you’ve clicked “More Info / Drop bonus” to cancel it.
  • Released: you’ve completed the wagering requirements before the expiry date, that’s great! All restrictions on the bonus amount and any associated winnings are removed.
  • Exhausted: you’ve lost your bonus and the restricted amount has reduced to zero.