Diving Dolphins Scratchcard

How to Play

  • Diving Dolphins has 9 scratch panels in a 3x3 grid.
  • Match any 3 symbols in view to receive the corresponding pay out for that symbol.

Dolphin Splash Bonus

  • On any scratch card there is a random chance the Dolphin Splash Bonus can be awarded.
  • When all panels have been revealed, a dolphin will dive in to one of the scratch panels to reveal a new symbol to create extra winning combinations in addition to any that may already be in view.
  • During the Dolphin Splash Bonus it is possible for up to two scratch panels to be changed.
  • The Dolphin Splash Bonus is unavailable on any scratch card that awards the Splash the Cash Bonus.

Splash the Cash Bonus

  • The Splash the Cash bonus is awarded when 3  are revealed on a scratch card.
  • When in the splash the cash bonus, dolphins dive into the water to add winnings to the splash the cash counter.
  • At the end of the feature the amount in the splash the cash counter is awarded to balance.
  • The Splash the Cash Bonus is unavailable on any scratch card that awards the Dolphin Splash Bonus.


  • Select your number of spins and a loss limit to enable the start autoplay button.
  • You can select the generated loss limit or enter a custom value.
  • Autoplay will stop if the number of spins is completed or the loss limit is reached.
  • Your loss limit is reached when your net losses are equal to the value selected or a further spin would increase net losses higher than set loss limit.
  • Additionally you may enter a win limit that stops autoplay when a single game win is equal to or exceeds the value.
  • Enabling the stop on jackpot option will stop autoplay if the jackpot of 1150 x Max Stake is reached.


  • The average return to player is at least 94%.
  • Malfunction voids game.
  • Any combination of wins in a single game is limited and will not exceed 1150 x Max Stake
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